Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rhys Turns 2!

 Hank and Caden

 Colin, Reiss & Harper
 Hunt & Vik
 The Lawsons & Spiegels
 Opening Presents
 Party Girl Reiss

We celebrated Rhys's birthday multiple times this summer.  First celebrating with the entire Giesen clan on the 4th of July, then on the Outer Banks with Mimi & Grandpa, and finally with friends at a toddler dance party.  Unfortunately, Brady & Dad were at the Emergency Vet during the dance party, but a good time was had by all once we knew Brady was in the clear.  Rhys is still singing happy birthday to himself three months later, so I guess the celebration continues!

Mimi & Grandpa Celebrate 40 Years!

 Here we all are!!!
 5 Cousins under between the ages of 6 and 2!!!
 The Older Crew: Alex, Owen, & Drew
 Uncle Bri & Drew
 Drew with his Mimi
 Big brown eyes
 The happy couple
 Nana and Owen
 Sweet Rhys
 Two peas in a pod
 Aunt Katie and Uncle Bill
Sweet Matty
Funny Faces
Aunt Janet dancin away the day
My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in June and we all wanted to get together and celebrate with them.  In order to all get together, we waited until the 4th of July and the record 105+ temperatures of Virginia.  Despite some AC problems, we all had a great time.  A big thanks to Lindsey for coming over and capturing some action shots of the afternoon!  Here's to another 40 more, Mimi & Grandpa!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Drew Turns 4!

 Nana, Uncle Dick, 2nd cousin Julia, and little Rue
 Rhys enjoyed spending the party with Jules....too cold for him!
 Drew playing with Colin and Lucas in the pool

Drew had a nice little birthday weekend kickstarted with dinner with his Uncle Christian, a pool party with a few friends, preschool classmates and extended family, and then a family day with more playing and mac n cheese.  He seemed to really enjoy all the attention and presents this year, despite originally stating that he didn't want a party.  He keeps asking when he gets a lot of presents again:) 

Random Spring Boy Shots

 Headed out for a night with Mommy....couldnt resist the matching outfits at the consignment shop
 sweet boy
 my sweet little Rue
 frisky boy

 after his first tball practice!!!
 crazy boys
this is also a possible card pic......a spontaneous pic of the boys cuddled up together

Three Generations

This Mother's Day, I am lucky enough to have both my mother and my grandmother living only an hour of course they came on over to celebrate.  So I made ourselves an awesome strawberry shortcake with our fresh berries to celebrate. 

Strawberry Picking

We headed out the Friday before Mother's Day to the strawberry patch and had the BEST time!  It was one of those experiences with the kids where we had so much fun together, all could break loose on Mother's Day itself and I would have already had my day without anyone trying.  We really just enjoyed hanging out together and the only thing missing was Daddy.  Thankfully Hank and his mom came along to keep us company at the farm! 
 Drew's outfit that he picked out for strawberry picking.....
 Drew only picked the perfect ones
 Rhys tried or green
 Strawberry mouth
 looking at the animals...the bunnies were his favorite
 the happy group
 Rhys's size is just perfect for picking!
 Hanging in the fields
 big bites
 artsy shot
 this might be our Christmas card this just kinda sums up the past year with both boys up in the air, smiling.
 getting some air
 the blonde bombers
 can't get enough of my little Rue
 chillin in the bounce house
 watching his brother
Our friend, Hank:)